Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January Finishes

I have been pretty sick this month. First a regular chest cold, with lingering cough. And last week something else fun and exciting involving dizziness and extreme skin sensitivity. And it's super cold outside, so I hope I don't get sick again.

Anyway, let's look at my January goals:

1) Make the January block for Stash Bee and finalize my plans for February, make a block, and write a tutorial.
Completed! I made three blocks for the Stash Bee in January, two for my hive mama (Hive 8), and one for another hive (Hive 6), because I liked her pattern. I also decided on my block for February, and wrote up a tutorial that will go live on the Stash Bee blog on February 1.
Hive 6 Block

 Hive 8 Blocks

 My Block for February
2) Finish putting together the Community Quilt top; I've given up on waiting for other people to make additional house blocks. 
Completed! I actually got it put together, finally. The hardest part was squaring up all of the house and signature blocks. Layout and putting the rows together was good fun.
2)  Keep cutting half hexies.
Completed! I didn't cut many, but I did cut a few. So I'm going to call that a win.


  1. Your community quilt top is fabulous!! Love the blocks too! Thanks for sharing! Marie (

  2. Love the coommunity quilt, especially the skyline blocks across the top!

  3. Great community quilt, and I agree the skyline blocks are super neat!

  4. Oh boy! You have had a bad run of it! I hope everything clears up for you soon. Great work on the crafts though!