Friday, January 10, 2014

Progress and Another Bee Block

I decided to make a block for the queen bee from Hive 6 of the Stash Bee, because I felt inspired by her block. It also allowed me to pull out my 2" squares from my scrap bin, which I haven't touched since I cut them.

January Block for Hive 6, based on this tutorial.

I also made progress on the pixelated Michigan quilt for my husband. I had finished cutting all the background "water" fabric (Kona Pacific) a couple days ago, as well as the reds for western most county in the Upper Peninsula. I am trying to keep the background colors more or less the same, so it reads as one county. The first two columns are done, because the bottom six squares are all water.

I also ordered the backing fabric today, so we'll see if I might be able to get the top done in time for our next guild meeting. I really need a larger space to baste my quilt than on my living room floor because this one promises to be huge. I'm a little scared about the quilting, because I'm 99% certain that straight line, or even "wavy" quilting won't work on this one.

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  1. I love your colourful bee block. Good luck with basting and quilting your quilt. It's tricky when you dont have enough room. I always have to move furniture to one end of the lounge room if I want to baste a quilt.