Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sew Much To Do

I currently have so many projects that I have started or need to start that it's hard to pick one to work on. I keep thinking that I should work on one of my bigger projects so I can baste it at the Sewing Day this weekend, but the weekend continues to creep closer and I'm slowly starting to panic.

Instead I made another Farmer's Wife block.

Block 24, 35 pieces

I used the templates to cut most of the pieces for this one, because they were odd sizes (I'm talking 1 and 9/16th inches and stuff like that). Also, my seam allowance was way scant because I ended up with an almost 7 inch block and I'm a little pissed because I'm going to lose pretty much all of those pretty points along the edge. My quarter inch foot, which I finally switched back to from my walking foot is so not a quarter inch.

The other thing I sewed tonight was a second Stash Bee block for the Hive 8 queen bee.

I hope she likes the bits of color in the mustaches and the sea horses. If I have time, my plan is to make two blocks or more each month. Partly because I know I'd love to get more than one block from people and partly because it's fun to dig through my stash and see what I can come up with.

Linking up to Lee's WIP Wednesday.


  1. Very nice! I'm in project overload too :)

  2. I know the issues with quarter inch foots. I test the needle adjustment for each project, to get a proper quarter inch seam allowance :(

  3. Mmm what a lovely arrangement of cocoa/coffee/latte browns in that first block! Gorgeous :) Even if it's a tad oversized!