Saturday, January 4, 2014

Nearly Insane

No, I'm not nearly insane, well I may be once I finally finish this project. No, I am talking about this book.

My hubby got it for me for Christmas after I was inspired by Frances at Fabadashery. She is using all white/creams and reds for her quilt and EPP. Since I just started EPP and have to admit I love it, but more the smaller hexies than the bigger ones I'm trying my hand at currently, this seems like the perfect project to keep me interested. The blocks finish at 6" in the quilt, and have between 9 and 229 pieces per block (if you're counting, that's a 220 piece difference). Hence "nearly insane."

What's been bothering me is whether I should patchwork piece, try to figure out the paper piecing patterns, or EPP. I think I've finally settled on EPP, but I'm a woman, so I'm allowed to change my mind often (right?!).

What has me stumped is what to do about the fabric selection. I feel like I need a concrete plan going in, and I just can't settle.

Option 1) black and white prints with Kona Snow, maybe even with a spot of color (probably red), I just don't feel like I have a lot of "filler" prints for this type of quilt

Option 2) solids using the "no prints allowed" stack that I get every month plus Kona Snow, this holds a great deal of appeal, especially if I sub-divide the amount of blocks by 12 and then just pick that many out of a hat each month so it's random

Option 3) prints in a rainbow of colors, either based on my own list and pulled randomly, or on someone else's list, or based on ROY G BIV, I'm not sure I'm sold on this idea

Option 4) Monochromatic quilt, i.e. Kona Snow plus prints of only one color in every available shade, have a hard time choosing which color to go with, not red or blue, but maybe green (unfortunately my green stash is lacking big time)

Hmm, I think I answered my own question just by typing this all out. I think I'm liking Option 2 best, especially since it gives me a reason to use my new solids and cut into them right away. Plus I've wanted to make an all solids quilt for some time. There are 113 blocks or partial blocks. That's 9 blocks for 7 months and 10 for 5 months. Now to cut up and mix up my numbers so I can choose my first 9 blocks to work on.

Just to keep myself honest, I chose the following for December (brown) - I'll be lagging behind by about a month: 26, 29, 43, 48, 51, 56, 58, 88(2), and 96(1).


  1. Looking forward to sharing your journey. Re: fabric choice, what I have found is that as it may cover a long time period to make the quilt by EPP, over that time my interests have changed, so try to choose one which will allow you a bit of flexibility.

  2. Solids are a great choice for this quilt. You could always do the blocks in different ways, some machine pieced , others hand pieced, and some EEP. Variety is the spice of life.

  3. I haven't seen this book before but it looks very intriguing. Good luck as you begin this journey!