Friday, January 17, 2014

Community Quilt and Kate Spain

So yesterday, I FINALLY got some work done on the Community Quilt. I gave up on waiting for additional blocks to trickle in. I currently have the perfect amount for a 5x6 layout, which will result in a roughly 60x72" lap quilt. I say roughly because... well just read my last post. I think I have the seam allowance figured out, but it's not 100% accurate, because I have nothing to really guide the edge of my fabric so it ends up slightly wonky no matter what I do.

I actually managed to finish squaring up the house blocks. They were all over the place from just barely under 12.5" square to about 8x8". I also finished one of the road blocks that incorporate the signature blocks, but I've got a few more to do. And then because I need motivation to keep going, I decided to sew another row together and attach it to the skyline blocks. So glad I did, it's coming together nicely.

In other news, I may have gone a bit crazy. I participated in the #thegreatfabricdestash on Instagram. My first time shopping on Instagram. Somehow partway through yesterday I got this notion that I absolutely needed every single print that Kate Spain has every designed. So part of my extremely busy work day was spent doing research, writing a list, and starting the search. I've found almost everything, but I'm still holding out for a 12 Days of Christmas or Verna Charm Pack/FQ Bundle/Layer Cake. Anything that includes the whole line without having to try and track down every single one of the 36/40 (respectively) fabrics in the lines. Everything else I've found, although I was a bit hasty on the Central Park FQ bundle I found on Etsy. I managed to find a much cheaper bundle on Instagram half a day later. You live, you learn.

Kate Spain is my favorite designer because there isn't a single line of hers that I dislike. I love Tula Pink and Lizzy House as well, but occasionally their lines leave me hanging. 

Goodies coming my way in the mail include:

FQ Bundle of Fandango

FQ Bundle of Central Park

Charm Pack of Flurry

Charm Pack of Terrain

Charm Pack of Good Fortune

Charm Pack of Serenade

Charm Pack of Joy

Charm Pack of Cuzco (although I realized after I got home that I already have one, *oh shucks, right* baby quilt time, I guess)

Charm Pack of Honey Honey

Layer Cake and Charm Pack of Sunnyside (because a girl's gotta play)

Charm Pack of Daydream

I already have a Charm Pack of In From the Cold sitting at home, and I just recently used my Layer Cake of the same line to make my Snowed In quilt.

I can't wait for little packages to start arriving! And sorry for the picture heavy post (as I said, I went a bit crazy).

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