Charming Kate Spain Quilt (Putting Blocks Together)
Plus Wedding Quilt (Top Done)
Hexie Wedding Quilt (Sewing into Rows)
Scrappy Swoon Wedding Quilt (Putting Blocks Together)
Modified Bento Box Quilt (Making Blocks)
Japanese X and Plus Quilt (Cutting Fabric and Putting Blocks Together)
Poppy Modern Giant Churn Dash Quilt (Putting Blocks Together)
Blue and White Block Swap Quilt (Sashing Blocks)

Quilts - Stuck/UFOs
Farmer's Wife Quilt - Paper Piecing (Putting Blocks Together)
Nearly Insane - EPP (Putting Blocks Together)
Surprise Quilt (Fabric Purchased)
Java Wedding Quilt (Blocks in Progress)
Low Volume Baby Quilt 2 (Blocks in Progress)
Star Wars Baby Quilt (Top in Progress)
Red and Black Block Swap Quilt (Not Enough Blocks)
Purple and Green Bee Quilt (Have Blocks)

Misc. Sewing
Aquarium Skirt (Fabric Purchased)
Placemats (3 of 4 Tops Done)
Summer Dress (Fabric Purchased)
Handbag (Fabric Purchased)

Once Upon a Time Sampler (Border Done as of 1/4/15)
Story Time Sampler (2/12 Months completed)
Camargua Horses (Started)
Alpine Flower Sampler (4 of 15 boxes stitched)
Phoenix (Almost finished)
Forest (Almost finished)

Wedding Photo Albums

Updated: 1/17/16

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