Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I had the more or less brilliant idea to buy 33 yards of 60" burlap fabric online as table runners. It's sustainable, it's cheap, and it fits our woodsy/green wedding theme. However, when it arrived, it looked like a roll of carpet, and not very good carpet at that. Now, I had bought 100 yards each of several different colors of ribbon. I didn't realize at the time quite how much ribbon that is, but now I was definitely glad I had it. My idea to dress up the burlap was this: first I cut the fabric in half so I had two 30" pieces instead of one 60" piece. All 33 yards of it... let's just say my back was not happy by the time I was done. 

Then I cut about 45 foot pieces. I ended up with 4 45 foot pieces and 2 shorter pieces of around 16-18 feet. Then I took the ribbon, and sewed it to one side, while simultaneously folding under the rough edge. Luckily this did not have to be perfect or even terribly precise, nor did I bother to double fold for a proper hem. On the other side, which had a factory weave edge, I didn't bother folding the edge under and just sewed the ribbon to it. All in all, it took me several hours and 132 yards of ribbon. I ended up using both of the shades of green ribbon I had to edge it. When I was finally done, it actually looked pretty decent. However, I had burlap fuzzies and fibers all over my living room floor.

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