Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Table Numbers

I was really proud of the way my table numbers came out.

Materials and Supplies:
4x5 canvas board (or anything else in the size you want the table numbers- cardboard would probably work)
Number templates to use as stencils
Paper of a neutral shade to be the base
Exacto Knife and mat
Hot glue gun
Paper Cutter (helpful but not necessary)
Paper glue

1) Cut the neutral base paper to the size necessary to cover your base front and back. In my case, I had 20 numbers, so I cut 40 4x5 pieces. Hot glue the paper to both sides of your base.
2) Print out your number stencils and cut them out (I used Microsoft Publisher to set a size for the numbers, used one of the standard bubble fonts, and then printed out four to a page). Rough cut anything with double digits, because you'll want to use the spacing as a guide when cutting the numbers out of the pictures.
3) Cut the pictures you want to use to the right size, you need as many pictures as you have numbers (in my case I had 20 pictures, which I cut down to the 4x5 size).
4) Place the number stencil on top of the picture and use the exacto knife to cut out the number. Make sure you hold down the stencil firmly, so it does not move while you are cutting. Also be careful not to cut your fingers.
5) Use the original picture as a guide to center the number on the base, but only glue down the number you cut out.
6) Then turn the base over and glue down the original picture. If you have a center filler, like on a 6 or 8, use the original number stencil to figure out where to place them.
7) Rinse and repeat until you are done. For double digits, place the rough cut stencil on the picture and cut through both the stencil and the picture, making sure not to move the number while cutting.


  1. very crafty project!
    i'm a fellow pen pal!

  2. Thank you! I had a lot of fun doing this one. I'm hoping to send out my introductory letter early next week. :)