Thursday, July 29, 2010

30 Days of Truth- Day 15

Day 15 → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

SomeTHING I can't live without would definitely be my computer and specifically my computer running World of Warcraft. Sad but true, I'm addicted to the WoW crack. Although I do have long lapses where I won't play at all, even though my account is activated, and I like to think that I live a pretty normal life despite this addiction. However, go too long without it, especially when my account has lapsed, and I start craving it like nobody's business.

SomeONE I can't live without is my hubby. That darling and often-times irritating man makes me ridiculously happy. We did the long-distance thing all through college, but ever since we lived together for the first time down in Florida, we just couldn't do the separation thing anymore. We tried, for almost a month after Florida, he was going to stay in Michigan to finish up his culinary arts degree while I moved to Washington, DC to start my new job there. Well, it lasted only long enough for us to decide, screw it, this isn't going to work. Luckily I'd decided on a one bedroom apartment instead of the studio I was originally looking for, so he drove down my my dad and the furniture. We haven't looked back since. Traveling independently isn't too bad, especially if I'm the one traveling, since I don't have all of the joint memories that come with being at home, but if it goes on too long, like my enforced stay in Germany in April, it starts to get old really fast.


  1. Hi Anna, Thanks for the blog love! I'm pleased that I was able to discover your blog as well.

    I can totally relate about things you can't live without. I'm convinced that Cheetos have some kind of 'cheeto crack dust' on them. As much as I try to ignore them and their cheesy goodness they seem to call out to me in the stores, on TV... it is maddening!!!

    Have a fantabulous day,
    The Ranters Box

  2. A long time ago you posted a long post about WoW when I couldn't leave a comment... I so frantically wanted to! I knew you played WoW from that post (before your most recent comment on my blog). I used to play a looooong time ago and then sold my account to my son. He just stopped playing a few months ago, but the account is still around with my main. I'm a perpetual n00b though cuz I play "differently" than others... meaning I want to play and experience the game, not rush through it with someone who's done it with 3 million other toons just to get the loot. Hence, my main never grew up. I believe she's still in her early 40's... believe that?? I just started to feel the craving to play again, but I think I'm going to stick with offline games and try my hand at DragonAge. Then I don't feel the pressure so much of the people around me just trying to get to 80 (or whatever is cap nowadays) as fast as they can. Sucks the fun right out of it for me. :)