Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ahh... the Potential

I finally got the scrapbooks I ordered online a couple weeks ago. It took me forever to find something that was the right size (20x20), a ring binder (no post-bound scrapbooks for me), that was something other than the same old boring three colors.

Behold... my beautiful new scrapbooks. Lavender, yellow, lime green, and wine red. Don't you just love the potential a new scrapbook holds? What will I put in this one? A theme, a single event, a year of my life? I know there is a huge debate about chronological scrapbooking, well, I'm one of those strange creatures. I must say, however, that I have one scrapbook devoted to the "outdoors"... my family's trip around Lake Superior one summer and my one week long canoe trip in Minnesota. I also have one dedicated to the early years of my husband's and my relationship.

However, I fully intend to use these to continue telling the story of my life. The red one is dedicated to becoming our wedding album. I'm currently working on scrapping the Civil Ceremony section of the saga. After our reception, I'll be adding those pictures as well.

The lavender one will probably end up being dedicated to my early childhood. I have the least amount of pictures of this part of my life (in part because my parents didn't take many and in part because they still have most of them and didn't feel like getting any more remade). So that album will probably span quite a few years.

I may devote the yellow one to our year and a half in Spain. Not the best time of my life, my dad's heart attack and all, but I do have quite a few pictures from that time.

I'm not sure about the green one yet. Maybe it will be devoted to my freshman and sophomore year of high school. My senior year takes up an entire album of its own (and is complete, I'm happy to say) and my junior year is resting in an album of its own (just tossed the pictures and accompanying items in a scrapbook, still need to actually scrap it). Another option is to use it for my college years. I actually didn't take a whole lot of pictures during college, except during my semester in Ireland, but that's already in an album of its own (and also complete).

So many projects, so little time. But that is part of the fun of being a chronological scrapbooker after all, you never can catch up. But that only makes sense. After all, I take new pictures all the time.

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