Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sock Gauntlets

I recently wore out a pair of white socks. Now, this is not in fact a rare occurrance, but usually I just throw them out. However, this time I had a bit of an epiphany. What if, instead of consigning them to the garbage, I repurposed them. And thus was born my newest little project: sock gauntlets.
Materials and Supplies:
1 pair of socks (preferably ones with worn out heels and long top part)
Rotary Cutter and Mat helpful but not necessary

1) Using a rotary cutter or fabric scissors, cut the bottom off the socks along the edge of the band.
2) Place the band on your hand and determine where your thumb should be and use some way to mark the space between the thumb and index finger.
3) Sew together the front and back part between the thumb and index finger so that there is a space for the thumb and a wider space for the other four fingers.
4) Ornament as desired. I simply sewed some embroidery floss around the edge and made a quick bow.

Quick, easy, and helpful especially for those people who benefit from warm wrists.

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