Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Paper Piecing - Continued

So last night I made two more paper pieced blocks. One was from an amazing book I picked up at the library called Spellbinding Quilts. It has paper piecing patterns for wizards, witches, dragons, owls, and everything else I tend to associate with Harry Potter (I see a baby quilt in my future).

The Kimono came from yet another library book that has a multitude of paper piecing patterns in it ranging the gamut from flowers, shells, and food to Japanese and even African inspired blocks.

I sent both blocks off to the Add-A-Border Block Swap I'm taking part in. They are both 6.5x6.5 starters (or are supposed to be). I had to shrink down the witch pattern from a 10x10 block to a 6x6 and I think my printer reduced the size just a bit too much, so the finished piece is more of a 6x6 when you take off the irregular edge. But all in all I think they turned out quite well.


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    1. Thanks! I really love the black on orange. I'm less and less of a fan of the yellow on green of the kimono block. Luckily I sent it off already, so I wash my hands of it.