Monday, October 29, 2012

Name Change and Hurricane Sandy

I'm thinking of changing the name of the blog and also the blog address to something shorter and more appropriate to my craftsy tendencies. My blog is far from being well-known enough that it would cause problems if I moved it, and I like change.

I have tomorrow off, thanks to Hurricane Sandy. My husband, unfortunately, has to go to work even though the subway is closed. So he'll be taking our only car. He opens, and his boss said she would try to let him leave early. I hope that's the case. At any rate, I've made him promise to keep checking the weather and come home if it starts getting too hairy (supposed to start getting bad around 2-3pm). Luckily we live in a brick bunker of a townhouse; however, I'm still worried about some flooding in the basement. We did clear the drain by our basement steps, so hopefully it will drain properly, but if it doesn't, the water gets high enough to seep under the door into our utility room. Hasn't ever reached the carpeted area in the finished portion of the basement, but 5-10 inches of rain just might be enough to do it.

In sewing news, I got quite a bit accomplished today. Hoping to get more done tomorrow before we lose power, which is bound to happen. We've lost power during two of the major storm fronts that have moved through this year (derechos is the term I heard used), so I'm sure our pathetic power grid won't make it through a hurricane. I just wish it wouldn't cost so much money to bury power lines so this doesn't happen. Once we finally get a shed, I'm so going to insist on a generator. Until then we have no good place to store one.

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