Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fracture Quilt

I am doing my first quilt-along, at "Let's Pervalong!". Apparently the name has something to do with the fact that the original quilt the quilt-along is based off reminded the leader's friend of 50 Shades of Grey. Regardless of the name, it's an amazing quilt that is based on 10 colors that seems to explode, or fracture, outwards. The idea is to start on a strong color, go through a neutral, and end with a strong color. I chose to do green to yellow to purple. The yellow is a bit more intense than most people's neutrals, but I like it so far.

I actually have a few Kona Solids in there, but don't ask me which ones. However, they all came from the same specialty quilting store I discovered on Saturday, Tomorrow's Treasures. It's still not as convenient as Joann's, but it's within relatively easy driving distance. Nothing like having to drive all the way to the other side of Annapolis, for sure. That's where I found another quilting store, Cottonseed Glory. Their fabric selection is about twice the size of Tomorrow's Treasures, but their selection of solids is sadly lacking (read: practically non-existent).
The quilt is all paper pieced, so it's perfect for me. I have recently discovered a love affair with paper piecing, perhaps mainly due to the lack of pins necessary to turn out a nice product. This is Block A of the finished quilt. I finished it on Sunday.
Here is Block B attached to the left of Block A; finished Monday evening. It's really starting to come together. Remaining: Block C, Block D, Border 1, and Border 2. I bought plenty of extra fabric and plan to add a top and bottom border to make it a rectangle and turn it into a baby quilt. It has a very pastelly feel to it, so I think it will work out perfectly and give just a bit of an edge to someone's nursery. I think I even know who I want to give it to.
I am thinking I might want to find a fun baby print with green, yellow and purple for the backing and do a scrapy binding from the leftover colors. Thoughts?


  1. That is awesome. Looks like Stain Glass. I really like paper piecing also. Did a crazy quilt that was paper pieced and I really enjoyed it. Don't have it on my blog yet but will be there as soon as it comes back from the quilter. My blog: www.howtohandquiltandmore.blogspot.com check it out and tell me what you think.
    Love your work!

    1. Thanks, I look forward to seeing your quilt.