Monday, May 10, 2010

Free Books

I have been thinking about down-sizing my life for some time now. My DH complains almost constantly about the sheer number of books I own, every time the subject of a move comes up. So I have finally decided to do something about it. I'm certainly not going to be giving up my library, but I will be getting rid of some books I've never read, never plan to read, have read once but don't plan on reading again, bought mostly because of school or bought because they were cheap or even free. So, I pass them on to whoever wants them, and I shall be donating the rest to my favorite library. Of course, if you would like one or more of them, you'll have to pick them up here in DC. I have included the ISBN numbers, because it's the easiest way to search for information like what edition it is, etc.

The Crystal Rose- Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff (ISBN 0-671-87648-1)
Gods, Demigods & Demons: An Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology- Bernard Evslin (ISBN 0-590-41448-8)
The Picture of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde (ISBN Unknown)
Major Problems in American History Since 1945- Robert Griffith and Paula Baker (ISBN 0-395-86850-5)
Espanol 2000- Nieves Garcia Fernandez and Jesus Sanchez Lobato (ISBN 84-7143-446-6) (SPANISH)
Culture, Communication and Conflict- Gary Weaver (ISBN 0-536-61343-5)
Blood Red Sunset- Ma Bo (ISBN 0-14-015942-8)
The Poisonwood Bible- Barbara Kingsolver (ISBN 0-06-017540-0)
Golf for Dummies- Gary McCord (ISBN 0-471-76871-5)
Understanding Research Methods- Mildred Patten (ISBN 1-884585-47-7)
Computers- Larry Long and Nancy Long (ISBN 0-13-140581-0)
Sophie's World- Jostein Gaarder (ISBN 0-425-15225-1)
Reckless Heart- Madeline Baker (ISBN 0-8439-4527-3)
California Angel- Nancy Taylor Rosenberg (ISBN 3-453-13747-7) (GERMAN)
Literature: The American Experience (ISBN 0-13-722448-6)
Possession- A.S. Byatt (ISBN 0-679-73590-9)
In the Shadow of the Ark- Anne Provoost (ISBN 0-425-20277-1)
Ivanhoe- Walter Scott (ISBN Unknown) (GERMAN)
The Words of Peace (ISBN 1-55704-250-0)
Intercultural Communication- Larry Samovar and Richard Porter (ISBN 0-534-56495-X)
The Bedford Introduction to Drama- Lee Jacobus (ISBN 0-312-25543-8)
Armada- Charles Gidley (ISBN 0-670-81807-0)
Meridon- Philippa Gregory (ISBN 0-671-70151-7)
The Shadows of Eden- Michael Joens (ISBN 0-8024-1697-7)
The End of Poverty- Jeffrey Sachs (ISBN 1-59420-045-9)
Galopp ins Glueck- Rita Mae Brown (ISBN 3-499-22496-8) (GERMAN)
Die Abenteuer des Odysseus- Auguste Lechner (ISBN 3-401-01370-X) (GERMAN)
Von Wort zu Wort (ISBN 3-464-03744-4) (GERMAN)
Roget's New Pocket Thesaurus- Norman Lewis (ISBN Unknown)
Oryx and Crake- Margaret Atwood (ISBN 0-385-72167-6)
Never Let Me Go- Kazuo Ishiguro (ISBN 1-4000-7877-6)
Unternehmen Deutsch: Lehrbuch- C. Conlin (ISBN 3-12-675730-8) (GERMAN)
Unternehmen Deutsch: Arbeitsheft- Christa Wiseman (ISBN 3-12-675731-6) (GERMAN)
Lengua y Literatura (ISBN 84-294-5404-7) (SPANISH)
Duden: Die deutsche Rechtschreibung (ISBN Unknown) (GERMAN)
Lesebuch 6 (ISBN 3-425-96012-1) (GERMAN)
Lesebuch 7 (ISBN 3-425-06013-9) (GERMAN)
Cours INtensif 1 (ISBN 3-12-530010-X) (GERMAN/FRENCH)
The Other Elites: Women, Politics, and Power in the Executive Branch- MaryAnne Borrelli and Janet M. Martin (ISBN 1-55587-658-7)
Women and Politics in Contemporary Ireland- Yvonne Galligan (ISBN 1-85567-433-5)
Madam President: Women Blazing the Leadership Trail- Eleanor Clift and Tom Brazaitis (ISBN 0-415-93432-X)
Africa in History- Basil Davidson (ISBN 0-684-82667-4)
Beyond Culture- Edward Hall (ISBN 0-385-12474-0)
Foreign Aid Safari- George Guess (ISBN 1-84401-406-1)
Exorcising Terror- Ariel Dorfman (ISBN 1-58322-542-0)
Peace and Conflict Studies- Ho-won Jeong (ISBN 1-84014-098-4)
International Affairs Reader (ISBN N/A)
Women on the Defensive- Sylvia Bashevkin (ISBN 0-226-03885-8)
Africa Unchained- George Ayittey (ISBN 1-4039-6359-2)
Is There No Other Way?- Michael Nagler (ISBN 1-930722-35-4)
The Africans- Ali Mazrui and Toby Kleban Levine (ISBN 0-275-92073-9)
Presidents and Prime Ministers- Patricia Lee Sykes (ISBN 0-7006-1017-0)
Wide Acre- Philippa Gregory (ISBN Unknown)
Read- Aloud Myths and Legends- Joan Verniero and Robin Fitzsimmons (ISBN 1-57912057-1)
Liebe (ISBN 3-453-37008-2) (GERMAN)
Warrior's Song- Catherine Coulter (ISBN 0-451-19894-8)
Man of My Dreams- Johanna Lindsey (ISBN 0-380-75626-9)
Angel- Johanna Lindsey (ISBN 0-380-75628-5)
The Wyndham Legacy- Catherine Coulter (ISBN 0-515-11449-9)
Ein Schloss im Sueden- Constance Heaven (ISBN 3-548-23961-7) (GERMAN)
The Hellion Bride- Catherin Coulter (ISBN 0-515-10974-6)
So Speaks the Heart- Johanna Lindsey (ISBN 0-380-81471-4)
The Scottish Bride- Catherine Coulter (ISBN 0-515-12993-3)
Pendragon- Catherine Coulter (ISBN 0-515-13225-X)
The Sherbrooke Brider- Catherine Coulter (ISBN 0-515-10766-2)
Captive Secrets- Fern Michaels (ISBN 0-345-34123-6)

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