Sunday, May 9, 2010

First Letter

I just finished my first letter to my soldier. It's just a general introduction of myself and it actually took a bit of work. I tend to go off on tangents a lot, and I actually had to write myself a rough draft to avoid that tendency. I definitely had a lot of unnecessary details in the draft, that can wait until a later letter. I believe I started talking about my grandfather's funeral, and I certainly don't want to depress her in my first letter. So I managed to cut that out of the actual letter and just stick to the important stuff. You know, name, address, married, cat, job, where I'm from, that kind of stuff. I know she won't receive the letter for several weeks at least, and I might not ever get a response back, but it's exciting to think that a letter I wrote might be able to remind a soldier fighting for this country a little bit of home.

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