Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 in Review - Plans for 2015

So this is a quilty year in review. I only finished six quilts, but I also spent several months this year with very low energy due to growing a tiny human. I doubt next year will be much more productive, what with giving birth to said tiny human and actually trying to then keep it alive. So without further ado, here's a look at what quilty finishes 2014 held for me.

Riley Blake Fabric Challenge Baby Quilt at the beginning of February:

The Community Quilt at the end of February:

The Weekend Star Quilt for a coworker who lost her younger brother in a car accident in March:

This was my one and only commission quilt this year, the Blue and Black Cross Quilt for my husband's aunt:

The Bright Modern Baby Quilt for a coworker in July:

And my last quilt finish of the year was the Grey Basketweave Baby Quilt for my sister:

My plans for next year include the following:
  • Make the back and send the Michigan Pixel quilt to be quilted (if we can scrounge up the money).
  • Finish the braille alphabet quilt for my coworker and send it to her in Portland.
  • Finish at least the top of my Charming Kate Spain quilt.
  • Make the back for my brother's wedding Plus Quilt and find someone to quilt the monstrosity  for a reasonable amount.
  • Make progress (maybe finish) my sister's wedding Hexie Quilt (barely started cutting fabric for this), but that will also be a king sized monstrosity, so that may need to be sent out for quilting too.
  • Make at least the top for my brother-in-law's wedding Scrappy Swoon Quilt (pieces are all cut and some of the parts are already put together), queen sized so I might be able to do the quilting myself.
  • Attempt to make a baby quilt for myself, we'll see where that falls on my list of priorities.
What are your quilting plans for 2015?


  1. for a new Mum you have done ell with so many makes, best of luck with your list for this year. My list is on the process of being made but one quilt I want to tackle is the Farmers wife one choosing the fabric is the hardest part as I want to use up stash and not buy more!

  2. It is so fun to see all of your quilts in this one post. They are all so beautiful. What about the big one you were working on at Mid Atlantic Mod? Big and mostly blue is what I remember and the shape of a state or lake?