Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ocean Life Quilt - Part 2

To continue, I made a small (about half the size of the big one) with black fabric. Unfortunately I was tired at the time and after unpicking several pieces of fabric finally gave up (see if you can spot the mistake I left in because I just didn't care anymore).

First jellyfish. Another pattern that I got from equiltpatterns.com. I went by the fabric division listed on the pattern, but didn't like the clear divide between the different parts. I do like the color combo though.

First sea turtle. Found the free pattern here. Unfortunately, the pink and teal were just too different to really flow. And the teal blended too much with the turquoise background, so I decided to leave it out of the quilt.

Large version of the 11 small fish. The bottom fin looks weird because it doesn't have a blue border yet.

Another large seahorse, this time facing the other direction. For some reason the nose and belly seem off, but the seams look alright. I still like it, definitely one of my favorites.

Second attempt at the turtle. Did the back flippers in the same color as the shell. This also blends a bit into the background but I liked it much better than my first attempt.

Last one for today, another Brill fish. I really love how well the body shows off the large pattern fabric.

Can't wait to show you the finished product, although I had more blocks than I thought. Might need to divide it into two posts.

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