Thursday, April 1, 2010

Windows that Open

In the class I'm taking right now, we talked about windows, and how architects are rediscovering the novelty that is "windows that open." Wahhhh?! When did windows that don't open become the norm? Even in tall office buildings, can't you find windows that open only a small amount to let in fresh air? I work in an office where the windows don't open, and let me tell you: I wish they did. Often. Especially in the early spring, when it's just starting to get warm out. I wish I could let some breeze and fresh air in here. It always feels too dry, too hot, too cold, too static in here. Why would anyone put in windows that don't open? It makes me sad that I'm forced to watch spring go by from an office window, without ever feeling the air on my face. Being removed from the environment is draining and I feel better just for stepping outside for a few minutes to grab lunch. Do the windows at your work or school open?

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