Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mother Nature

I am still stuck in Europe. My next attempt to flee the continent will happen on Monday. I can't afford to stay much longer, since I have a very important job interview on Tuesday for a job that I want more than I can possibly explain. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that nothing major happens between now and Monday. I need to be on that plane. I'm also starting to become impatient and am just about ready to hop on a train to Spain and fly home from there. Not that there are any empty spots on those planes either, since everyone seems to have the same idea.

Mother Nature,

I appreciate your display of power. As a fellow woman, I know that this has to happen occassionally to keep things interesting. However, you are messing with my career, and I am getting pretty frustrated. From one woman to another, we both have something to prove, let me have my chance.


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