Sunday, April 4, 2010


I've started to get the feeling that Washington, DC just isn't the place for me. Sure the public transportation is great, my job rocks, and there are a ton of free things to go and do, but on the whole I'm just not happy here. The cost of living is insane, there's no way we can afford a decent little house or apartment close to the city without ending up in the worst neighborhoods, and even the free things to do have lost their charm. We've been talking about renting a house with some friends of ours, and that still sounds good. But unfortunately our budgets seem to differ greatly, and the only houses we've found so far are above what we feel comfortable paying. Not to mention, that even though we're prepared to go a bit higher, it would erradicate any savings potential. We want to save for a downpayment on a house, instead we're wasting that money on ridiculous rent amounts. So, for now, unfortunately there is the very real possibility that I will apply for the Portland, OR position that just opened up at the company I work for. I absolutely love what they do for the environment, it gives me good, happy feelings when I think about my work, I just don't want to stay in DC.

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