Sunday, March 21, 2010

Post Scrapbooks vs. Binders

I started out with 8x11 binders, but then moved up to 12x12 post scrapbooks, where you have to adjust the size and add pages in convoluted ways. So, recently I made the switch to binders and have been incredibly happy ever since. Not only do you not have to adjust the size, additional pages are simple to add, and you can just take a whole protective sleeve, or ten, out of one place and put it in another place or even move them to an entirely different binder. I also find the pages a lot easier to turn and find that they lie flatter. I believe the only downside might be, that layouts that take up two pages side-by-side are a lot farther apart, therefore giving you a bit of a different effect than they would if they were closer together. Anyone have any preferences?

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  1. I am die-hard post-bound albums. I haven't made the switch to three-ring type albums, although I can see the call since they are much easier to add pages. I guess I'm just really used to adding to the post-bound. I suppose I'm not opposed to any style... except strap-hinge, and only because I don't "get" it. :)