Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Words & Whimsy June 2021 Reading Challenge

Hosted by Words and Whimsy Reading Challenge on Facebook

Theme: Queer as F*ck

Team: Pan-tastic

Final Score: Team -  Place,  points; Individual - Rank , points

Updated: 6/8/2021


20 Points

LGBT Cue: 

Bi-Conic: The Beast by Katee Robert (finished 6/7/21)

Genderal Knowledge: The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang (finished 6/4/21)

Follow the Rainbow: 

10 Points

Let Me Be Perfectly Queer: 

Show Your Pride: 

Diverse as the Universe

Sounds Gay, I'm In: 

5 Point Books

5 Points Per Book With LGBTQ+ Author/Character

Instagram Prompts 

Days 1-2: Set Your TBR

Days 3-5: Love is Technicolor (book with a rainbow)

Days 6-8: I'm Coming Out (come out story)

Days 9-11: Hate is Inhuman (show us a love story)

Days 12-14: An Act of Bravery (story about bravery)

Days 15-17: Love Has No Gender (book that represents diverse gender)

Days 18-20: Only Your Spirit Defines You (show your rainbow spirit)

Days 21-23: Gay Rights Are Human Rights (LGBTQ main character)

Days 24-26: Sparkle, Baby (sparkle, glitter, metallics)

Days 27-28: Favorite Book of the Month

Mini Challenge (Completed All)

Set Your TBR

Life is Sweet - make a rainbow dessert

Know Your History - read about the Stonewall Riots

Read a 3 Degrees Challenge Prompt

Make a Pride Themed Flag From Books

Complete the Charity Challenge

Show and Tell - watch the Words & Whimsy Pride panel

Tune In - make an LGBTQ inspired playlist

Read a Book By a Trans Author

Recommend a Diverse Read

Charity Challenge

Donated to the Grand Rapids Pride Center and shared to Facebook

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