Sunday, January 17, 2016

DCMQG 2016 Quilt-Along - Introduction

Welcome to the DCMQG 2016 Quilt-Along (which I offered to host in a moment of stupidity weakness).


I made a button and everything (now if only I could figure out how to give people the code so they can post it to their blogs). But I think I'll need to create a landing page to link it to first, and that's not up yet.

So, I created a sampler quilt that combines some easy sewing with some skill builders. On the docket are basic patchwork, HSTs, precision piecing, triangles, improv, sew and slash (my term, I think), flying geese, QSTs, mitres, HRTs, diamonds, applique, easy paper (foundation) piecing, hard paper piecing, and curves. I even have an optional EPP project in the applique section.

The quilt has 32 blocks, ranging from 4"x8" (finished) to 32"x32" (finished). The finished quilt will be 96"x96" and I will also add instructions for a 48"x48" baby quilt. The baby quilt has to be simplified in a few places, otherwise some of the patchwork would become miniscule.

I will be adding suggestions on where and how you can incorporate some additional improv into the various blocks, either by linking to tutorials or listing out options.

So, without further ado... here is the sampler (please note that not all of the blocks are finalized, or I couldn't get them to look exactly right in EQ7, some of them are just placeholders for the actual pattern as I'm making this quilt right along with you all, just a few weeks ahead so I can iron out the instructions, but this is the general idea and this will be the layout and the block sizes):


According to EQ7, for the large quilt, you will need about 6 yards of background fabric and about 10 yards of other assorted fabrics (although this may be a slight exaggeration, since EQ7 counts one 4.5"x4.5" piece as 1/4 yard.

I will be using a single fabric collection, my FQ bundle of Fandango by Kate Spain, which has 41 prints, ergo 10.25 yards, for the pieces and Kona Snow (which is my usual go-to background for Kate Spain fabric) as the background.

Here are some other suggestions (you can download a blank version of the quilt here to play around with color placement):
  • Christmas/Halloween fabric
  • Low Volume Background with scrappy pieces
  • All solids
  • Black and White Prints with one or two colors of solids (i.e. greens and blues)
This is the gorgeous quilt that the DCMQG made for my son and is merely an example.
  • Rainbow pieces with black background
  • A single color with a white background
  • A single color with a black background

As you can see, the theme of this sampler quilt is farm stand (fruits and veggies); however, you are welcome to change the themed blocks (I will be calling those out as we get to them and making a few suggestions as to alternate blocks), so you can trade them out for a different block of your choosing.

Some options for alternate themes:
  • Birds (note the addition of a chevron block underneath the turkey to substitute for the 16"x28" pineapple block)
  • Nature/Trees
  • Christmas/Halloween (use themed fabrics)
  • Butterflies/Bugs
  • Cats/Dogs
  • Flowers
  • Nautical
I will be posting roughly a block a week, with 2-3 weeks for some of the more time consuming blocks. We'll be starting with some four patches for the queen-sized and some cutting for the baby quilt, unless you want to make some very tiny four patches. I hope you will all join me on this (hopefully fun) adventure.


  1. Here for an adventure... never done a stitch along so excited to try something new!!

  2. looks good but are there foundation paper pieced blocks in it as that is way over my head. e the button I think we v]can just right click and copy it them=n add it to our blog will have a go and see what happens

  3. had a go got so far then it did not work. I right licked on your picture, copy image,went to my blog, left click design, left click layout, left click add gadget, left click image usually there is a large square box to right click the block into but it does not seem to be there today! if it was you then have to click shrink to size and save then it goes on the blog. not sure what I did wrong but will try again later. They do offer add a ULR address but do not know how to do that

  4. Anna, this is fabulous. I am so excited to work on this quilt.

  5. Anna - this is amazing. You have done SO much work on this and it is spectacular. I especially love the different color combos you illustrated for us. I can't wait to get started!

  6. Excited to start! I love the nautical theme option!!

  7. Great! Quilt alongs are my favorite and they me me motivated to sew! Thanks for all your hard work!!!!!!!

  8. Very cool exhibit of ideas and a huge goal to undertake as a designer and leader for this QAL. I have never done this but it looks like a good challenge and I think with some support I can do it with you. I like the birds and trees alternative. That Turkuey is amazing. 😃

  9. This is awesome! Evening if I don't end up stitching along, I will be following.

  10. Can you tell me your Instagram name so i can make sure I'm following you? Thanks!

  11. Guess I better sit down and learn how to actually use Wordpress. Haven't gotten past setting up with my email address in a few years... Button, gadget... I can do this.

    1. Adding the button to your blog is not a requirement, just fun to let people know what you're participating in and it's also a link back to the QAL page where I will be compiling all the links to various blocks.