Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Declutter Challenge - Kitchen

So this week has been focused on the kitchen. So far I've only managed one day, but I emptied out our pantry cupboard, threw out some stuff, and then rearranged.


I removed the rice cooker and several other things that did not belong in there. Threw out all the expired cat treats leaving all of one bag, threw out all the Chinese condiment packets that were sitting in two separate containers, and only then restocked. Everything is now accessible and I even managed to get a few things off the counter and into the cupboard where they belong. After that I looked through our mugs and sorted out 4 or 5 that we never use and that I have no sentimental attachments to. Continuing to feel pretty good about this purge and hope to tackle some stuff on our counters next. I'm hoping to get rid of our jars of sugar, flour, etc. that we hardly ever use but are taking up a ton of counter space in our galley kitchen and the rotating spice rack.

I ordered Tupperware spice containers from Amazon today and once they arrive, I will empty out the spices from the spice rack that we actually use, dump the rest, and then donate the rack. Then I will do the same with our spice bottles and random assorted spices we keep getting from a friend from her travels, label the containers, and stack them in a single row in the cabinet above the stove. That is the plan. We'll see how well that works in practice.

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  1. isn`t it good to have a clear out looks like yo are winning