Friday, March 25, 2016

DCMQG 2016 QAL - Block 14

Block 14

We have come to what I like to call the Lattice block. It's based on a block called Pogo Stick by Jessica Brown that can be found in Modern Blocks: 99 Blocks from Your Favorite Quilt Designers. This is sew and slice block and another good test of your precision piecing.

Cutting Instructions
Queen Sized:
Background: (1) 6"x6.5"
Background: (2) 2.5"x8"
Background: (2) 5.5"x6"
Print: (1) 1.5"x12.5"
Print: (2) 1.5"x8"
Print: (2) 1.5"x6.5"
Print: (1) 1.5"x5.5"

Here the white is my Background, the blue floral the Print. Btw, pay no attention to the sizes of my pieces in the picture, I figured out when I was piecing that I'd cut two of my background and two of my print pieces too short, because bad quilty math. And this is why I make the blocks first.

Baby Quilt:
Background: (3) 2.5"x3"
Background: (2) 1.5"x5"
Print: (1) 1.5"x6.5"
Print: (2) 1.5"x5"
Print: (3) 1.5"x2.5"

Here the Background is the blue print, and the purple is my Print. I fussy cut the background to match with the orientation of the pieces in the final block.

Piecing Instructions

Take the 1.5"x5.5" (1.5"x2.5") Print and sandwich it in between two 5.5"x6" (2.5"x3") Background pieces. Sew and press both seams.

Now carefully square up the end of the resulting unit and sub-cut (2) 2.5"x12.5" (1"x6.5") strips. Then set them aside.

Now take the 6"x6.5" (2.5"x3") piece, place it in the center. Put (1) 1.5"x6.5" (1.5"x2.5") Print pieces on either side of the background piece, then the (2) 1.5"x8" (1.5"x5") Print pieces at the top and bottom, and the (2) 2.5"x8" (1.5"x5") Background pieces at the top and bottom of that, so it looks like this:

Sew together first the Print and Background pieces on the top and bottom and then sew the Print pieces to the center Background section.

Now sew the individual units to one another. Then take the strips that you previously put aside and add them on either side of the center unit. Sew the units together.

 Finally take your block and cut it in half down the center (it should be roughly 6" (3") from the side).

Now insert the 1.5"x12.5" (1.5"x6.5") Print piece and sew the block together.

Here is the final block in the queen sized version:

And here it is in the baby quilt version:

Completed block sizes
Queen Sized: 12.5"x12.5"
Baby Quilt: 6.5"x6.5"

Several other options:
  • Play with background versus print, like I did in the baby quilt version.
  • Use different fabrics for the center strip, the side strips, and the center square.
  • Make a wonky/improv version.
And here is the block as a one block quilt (half of the blocks are turned on their sides):

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