Friday, March 4, 2016

DCMQG 2016 QAL - Block 11

Block 11
Today we will be making flying geese. Quick, simple, and a great building block.

Cutting Instructions

Queen Sized:
Background: (6) 4.5"x4.5"
Prints (all the same or not as it suits you): (3) 4.5"x8.5"

Baby Quilt:
Background: (6) 2.5"x2.5"
Prints (all the same or not as it suits you): (3) 2.5"x4.5"

Piecing Instructions

We will be making one at a time flying geese. If you would prefer to make 4-in-1 flying geese and just leave one sitting out, there are plenty of good tutorials on the web.

As per usual, draw a line down the diagonal of each background square and a line .5" to one side if you want to make bonus triangles.

Take your print rectangles and line up one background square with the corner and sides of the rectangle, if you are making bonus triangles, make sure your second line is on the outside towards the corner. Pin well, you're sewing on the bias.

Sew just a hair to the outside of the center line and if you're making bonus triangles, sew along the second line as well. Carefully cut between the seams, at least .25" from the center seam.

Press the seam. I would recommend pressing open to reduce the bulk when sewing the units together. 
Now add your second corner as before. Make sure the fabric overlaps the background near the center.

Sew along the center line and along the bonus triangle line, cut, and press as before. I also like to double check and make sure my flying geese are the correct size at this point.
Note: When trimming, make sure you line up your ruler on the top and trim from the bottom and equally from each side. The fabrics should come to a point at each bottom corner and .25" from the top of the fabric otherwise you'll lose your corners when sewing the units together.

Now sew the flying goose units together.
Note: It's helpful to sew with the bottom goose on top, so you can see if your seam goes exactly through the point where the background fabrics meet. If it doesn't, you'll end up losing your point.

Here is the final block:

And the final of the baby quilt version:

Completed block size:
Queen Sized: 8.5"x12.5"
Baby Quilt: 4.5"x6.5"

Several other options:

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