Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WIP Wednesday

So I've been slowly but surely working on my modern birches baby quilt. I saw slowly, because my sewing room is also the nursery, so during the week, I come home from work, spend time with my son and my hubby, and then put my son to bed. So there's been no sewing. I've contemplated moving my machine downstairs, but so far that hasn't happened. However, I have managed to find a happy compromise with my husband, where we both get some alone time on the weekends, while the other watches the little man. So far this has worked out great, I get to disappear into my craft room in between feedings, and he runs off to go fishing or to dag practice.

So I have another nephew arriving in August, because apparently when one sibling decides to have a kid, we all end up with kids in the same year. I asked the awesome ladies of the DCMQG Bee to make me some blocks for the quilt, and they came through in delightful fashion. I am going to make blocks in five color ways, and am making four of each color. So I started with the oranges. First I made the strips one weekend.

Over the next two weekends, I inserted these strips into background fabric and even managed to iron and trim the blocks to the unfinished size.
I am so very happy with how this is turning out. The bottom left block is from my guild mate, Alyson. She did an amazing job. Can't wait to show you what the others made me, once I get around to their color ways. I think I'll do yellow next, but probably won't get a chance to work on it until this weekend.
I did also manage to put the binding on my whale baby quilt, which I hope to finish completely very soon and give to the intended recipient, and then I can finally share it on the blog.

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  1. this is going to make a lovely quilt. I would certainly bring the machine downstairs so I could stitch in the evenings, mind you I sew in my kitchen do have a room upstairs where all the clutter is kept but like to stitch where it is warm