Saturday, August 2, 2014

For Pinks Sakes Give Away

Thanks for stopping by for the Give Away of my For Pinks Sakes Blog Hop. I hosted the blog hop to raise funds for my mother-in-law's medical expenses. My mother-in-law is a wonderful woman, who has stayed upbeat and positive throughout her battle, but the medical bills from several surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy treatments have left her and her husband with a huge amount of medical bills and have put a major damper on her spirits and her joy at being cancer free after two years. It would be amazing, if you'd consider contributing towards those medical bills. There is a link here or on the right side of my blog.

The amazing ladies who graciously agreed to participate in this blog hop all made a pink block and sent it to me to make into a quilt to donate to the Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion in Grand Rapids, MI where my mother-in-law has had all of her cancer treatments. You are still welcome to join in and make one too. Instructions can be found here.

Now to the give-away. I found some great sponsors: Pink Chalk Fabrics, the Fat Quarter Shop, and Pink Castle Fabrics.

The Fat Quarter Shop is contributing a $75 gift certificate, which I will draw for first to give everyone an equal chance at it.
In addition to the gift certificate, they are also contributing a bundle of Project Pink (how perfect is that?!)
Project Pink Fat Quarter Bundle Rosemarie Lavin for Windham Fabrics
Pink Chalk Fabrics is contributing a color stack of Rosey Cheeks (apologies for the shadow on the picture, I took it real quick just before posting this).
And a color stack of Vibrant Rose.
The give-away is now closed. I will be doing the drawing by writing everyone's names on pieces of papers because there's just too many comments for me to create otherwise. The gift certificate and the color stacks are open to all participants, the other two bundles are open only to participants from the US.
Please make sure to include the following information in EACH comment: 1) if you're an international participant and 2) your email address. If I can't reach you within a week after the give-away closes I'll choose another winner.
Now for how you can enter to win one of these amazing items:
1) You get two entries if you hosted the blog hop. I will post these for you.
2) You get one entry per pink block I receive by August 16, 2014. I will post these for you if you hosted the blog hop, and will get a list together of everyone else I've received blocks from so you can double-check and add a comment and leave your email address, because I don't have that for most of you.
3) You get one entry per $5 you donate towards my mother-in-law's medical expenses (link above and to the right). I will post these for you.
4) You get one entry per time you reposted the link to the GoFundMe page. Please write a separate comment for each one, with a link to the blog post, Facebook post, etc. where you reposted it.
List of Blocks Received:
(If you do not see your name and sent a block a while back, please email me. If your name is in italics, I will post the comment for you.)
Nola Larson (Kaysville, UT) - 1 block
M. Kennisan (Katy, TX) - 3 blocks
Heather Tompkins (Alexandria, VA) - 6 blocks (blog hop host)
Parsons (Bail Verte, NL) - 3 blocks
Shelley Michel (Rogersville, AL) - 1 block
K Yoakum (Winston Salem, NC) - 5 blocks
K.S. Roy (W. Arichat, Canada) - 2 blocks + $5 to help with costs
Terri Johnson (Orangevale, CA) - 2 blocks
Sandy Whitelaw (Fergus, ON, Canada) - 6 blocks
Kristyn McCoy (Ilderton, ON, Canada) - 1 block (blog hop host) (I'm very sad to say that I cut into your block trying to get the envelope open) :(
Debbie Yff (Athens, AL) - 1 block
Lyanna Anderson (Dover, DE) - 1 block (blog hop host)
Jenny Green (Pittsburgh, PA) - 11 block (will post, have email address)
Erin Davis (Evanston, IL) - 14 blocks (blog hop host)
Wanda Dotson (Glen Allen, VA) - 1 block
Cathleen Mauro (Falling Waters, WV) - 1 block
Underwood (Yellow Springs, OH) - 1 block
Allison Coe (Melrose, MA) - 3 blocks (will post, have email address)
J. Silcock (Wattle Downs, Auckland, New Zealand) - 1 block (will post, have email address)
Karen Burton (Plymouth, MI) - 1 block
Christy Hall (Bakersfield, CA) - 1 block (will post, have email address)
Jessie Aller (Mount Airy, MD) - 1 block (blog hop host)
Melinda Newton (MD) - 1 block (blog hop host)
Kimberly Francesca (Nunda, NY) - 5 blocks + 6 extra pieces of fabric + offer to supply binding (will post, have email address)
Melanie Vagnini (Medfield, MA) - 7 blocks + 9 extra pieces of fabric (will post, have email address)
Amy Sheib (MV, MD) - 1 block (blog hop host)
Carla Voohees (Silver Spring, MD) - 1 block (blog hop host)
Lynne Atha-Mackey (DCMQG) - 2 blocks (will post, have email address)
Sarah - 3 blocks (blog hop host)
Margaret (Leeds, UK) - 1 block (have email address)
Lisa England (Ashland, KY) - 5 blocks (will post, have email address)
Jessica Skultety (Phillipsburg, NJ) - 1 block (blog hop host)
Debra Henkel (Springfield, VA) - 1 block
Kathy Gordon (Blacklist, OH) - 1 block (blog hop host)


  1. wonder if you received my block, it was sent a few months ago and was a pin wheel (I live in UK)

  2. So glad you got my blocks! Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  3. so glad you received my blocks -- don't forget I also hosted

  4. Yay glad my block turned up - was worried I hadn't put enough postage on from NZ. Look forward to seeing the finished quilt.