Monday, July 15, 2013

July Progress

I did it! I got through all of the bee blocks and have half a month to go.

Here are my blocks for the Scrappy Trip Around the World Bee. They were due by July 31, finished the last three blocks yesterday.
My 3x6 2013 Q2 Hive F - Sampler blocks. Due today, finished Saturday.
The 3x6 2013 Q2 Hive B - Stars blocks. Due today, finished last weekend.
Color Bee Shocked is on ice, because our July person has disappeared from the face of the earth. So besides Color Bee Shocked, I am free from all bee obligations now. That's a beautiful feeling! Not that I didn't enjoy my time in the bees I've participated in, but they've started getting really overwhelming. Let's see if I can get at least one of these stretch goals accomplished.


  1. Nice to be ahead of the game! Not that I would ever experience that feeling...