Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Goals

Unfortunately, I did not finish my June goals so I could link up to the end of June finishes post. However, it's going to make me more aware of what I can actually accomplish. I feel a bit bad, but I have decided to be more selfish with my time. I have a ton of quilts that I need to finish for friends, family, and myself. And I just can't also make stuff for strangers right now. Maybe when a few of these projects are off my plate.

So, my goals for this month are as follow:
  • Make bee blocks for the 3x6 Bee - 12 due by July 15
  • Make bee blocks for the Scrappy Trip Around the World Bee - 5 due by July 30
After that I will be dropping both of these bees for a while until my life calms down again. I have also dropped out of the HOPE do.good Stitches bee, although that hurt the most, being charity and all. The only one I will continue on with for now is Color Bee Shocked, since I started it and I committed to a full year. Plus it's fun to get fabric to play with every month.

Provided I manage to make that ridiculous amount of bee blocks, here are my stretch goals for the month:
  • Put the next border on my wedding quilt blocks, I'll leave the corners for next month.
  • Keep adding red corners to my X and Plus blocks and maybe put another one or two together.
Here is the block I made last month instead of adding red borders to the X portions. 
  • Start cutting my In From the Cold Layer Cake for my Christmas/Holiday quilt (in fact, I think I'm going to go get started on that now, who said I had to do these in order?)
Yummy layer cake!


  1. I understand what you mean about 'selfish' sewing time. I did several rounds or 3x6 last year, but not this year because it I wanted to focus on my own projects. Can't say I've been great about sticking to it, but that's a different goal!

  2. Sometimes we have to rejig our priorities and projects. It's hard. Love your new block!