Saturday, May 23, 2020

Crafter's Block

Have you ever heard of Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs?

You have the best intentions to get to that crafting project, but other things keep sticking in your brain and you can't make them go away. Part of that is no doubt a function of my ADD, but partly it's because I'm stuck in the Physiological Needs zone.

The way this works is that you start at the bottom of the pyramid. If your physiological needs are met, you can move to the next level. If your safety needs are met, you can move to belongingness and love needs, and so on until you reach the self-actualization tier. This is where creativity lives.

Well, I'm stuck at physiological needs because of Covid-19 (I don't feel terribly safe). Even once I come to terms with this new threat to myself and loved ones, I'd get stuck at safety needs, because my love needs aren't currently being met. My brain is overflowing with ways to keep myself safe and secure right now and how I'm going to get food without getting infected with a virus that kills people and that we have no cure or even decent treatment option for.

I hate this, I'd like to get back to crafting again now. I don't want to think about decluttering my house to make it easier to manage, and I definitely don't want to worry about when I can take my kids outside of the house safely again to let them see their friends and family.


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