Thursday, April 18, 2013


I started making myself a to do list in Word. It started to feel like I should just copy and paste the same list over and over because I have so many quilts on my list that I am just starting.

So, here is my current list and a few pictures where I feel I can share them.

Two wedding quilts. One of them I can't share, because it's a complete surprise.

The other is a yellow, gray, and coral Plus Quilt for my brother and future SIL. It's sort of a surprise, but not much of one, since I very heavily hinted like that may be happening when I asked my FSIL what colors she likes.
I started cutting the gray fabrics, before I really thought about the process. I have since backtracked to cutting one long stretch for the cross-bar and two squares for the top and bottom of the Plus. I am using two 5.5" squares and one 5.5" x 15.5" strips. I have cut all of the fabrics shown above already, and am waiting on quite a few more to come in. This will be my first king sized quilt, and I'm a little freaked out about it. Maybe I'll change my mind and make it smaller.

There is another quilt I'm making out of batiks, but everything about that quilt is a surprise. No special occasion either, just because the recipient is awesome. I am still trying to figure out which pattern to use, since it has one fabric that I want to showcase. I think I've finally settled on two possibilities.

Then there is my Japanese X and + Quilt that I am making for myself. Finally!
I have cut most of the lighter text prints into 5.5" squares. I need 56 fabrics worth, and I think I have cut 52. I have two more light text print waiting to be cut, and then I need to decide if I want to purchase a couple more or just use some of the other stuff I have. As you can see, I have a variety of things in with the text, including musical notes, keys, and mustaches. I have one butterfly fabric with a cream background that I'm considering including as well. It's basically just the fabrics that make me happy. These will become the X portions of the X and + Blocks.
I am using Kona Rich Red as the points on the X blocks. Here they are pinned onto my mustache print. 
Here the points are sewn on and ironed flat. I will be using four different text prints for each block, but the blocks will line up in such a way that the four text prints will touch. Hard to explain right now, but I'll show you once I have a few blocks done.

As I am cutting fabrics, I am also cutting 2.5" strips for a Scrappy Trip Along quilt. Right now I don't have nearly enough variety to start making any blocks (light text prints, some greys, yellows, and corals mainly), but I'll keep cutting away.

I also have my charity quilt to finish, I need to put together, make the backing, and quilt the Hurricane Sandy quilt, and then get in touch with the organizer and let her know that I just received the last of my blocks and should I still send it to the Sandy charity or pick another charity instead.

As for my UFO's, I have the Star Wars baby quilt, the Split Rail Fence quilt, and the placemats sitting around looking at me longingly.

I also need to update my WIP and Completed Pages. I'm thinking about giving them a make-over at some point, but that will have to wait.

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