Saturday, November 24, 2012

First Paper Piecing Block

So a while ago, I posted about my very first paper-piecing block. Since the recipient of the secret quilt has received it, I can now reveal both. You'll have to wait for the next few posts, since I haven't decided whether I should slowly reveal the secret quilt project or show it all in one post. I'm thinking the former, although I think I'll only divide it up into two or three posts.

However, here is my first paper-pieced block:

So the reason I couldn't post this picture before is that my mother-in-law loves seahorses. And she was the recipient of the secret quilt project. I feel I would have given away the game if I'd posted this.

So, I used scrap fabrics for this seahorse, since I was just testing to see if it would even work. The only issue I ran into was directionality of the background print, which is why I went with a very safe turquoise batik for the background of the secret quilt. Otherwise I was quite pleased with it.

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