Sunday, November 11, 2012

Aqua v. Turquoise

So at the store on Saturday, I was looking for 2 aqua colored fabrics and 3 turquoise colored fabrics. I'm a huge fan of turquoise; however, I was literally almost in tears trying to find something that would fit. You would think this would be easy, but in practice, differentiating between the two is really hard.
I ended up asking the very nice and helpful ladies who work there for some assistance. Of the rather large stack I had in my hands, two ended up counting as aqua, and I only had one turquoise. The ladies had to pull thread for me to see the difference, although if I'd bothered to look online, I might have found the above picture and printed it out. Next time I'll know.
Luckily they helped me find two more turquoise and the retail therapy of walking out with a bag full of new fabrics was enough to get me over the last bit of distress. I'm still a big fan of turquoise, but aqua can just go do something else.

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