Sunday, March 21, 2010

Junk Journal

I have been passing an enjoyable day, waiting for DH to get home, perusing other people's crafting blogs. Sometimes they're a bit tricky to find, but I stumbled across a few great ones. I particularly enjoyed Enjoy the Ride's entry on junk journals. Which made me think. My first thought was, that's an awesome use for those ticket stubs, dove saying, fortune cookie slips, etc. that I hang onto with the intent of putting them into a scrapbook, but then losing, or not finding the right place for them, etc. So, I will be creating one of my own. My second thought was, I did something sort of like this, when DH and I first started going out. I kept everything, movie stubs, chocolate tops, even candy wrappers, from the times we'd shared together and made this hodge podge scrapbook that I nevertheless love looking through because it brings back so many happy memories. I thought I'd share a few pictures with you.

This was during my semester in Ireland, my first day of classes and my birthday both fell on Valentines Day, major homesick moment. Anyway, I kept all the letters, cards, everything that reminded me of him, or that he sent me while I was there.

I found some cool stickers with the months (now out of print, apparently) and just glued them down even when I didn't have any specific pictures to go with that month except a few words or ticket stubs. The whole Anna does..., DH does... continues into May.

I also divided the album up by seasons, as well as months. I used stickers, pictures, and any "junk" like ticket stubs I had laying around to tell a story of our first few years together. Maybe some day this will be a great thing to pull out for the kids.

A bit more traditional scrapbooking, but again I added random words and any stickers and embellishments that seemed to fit the mood or story.

I even kept airplane ticket stubs, tags from purchases and candy wrappers. I took a picture of the quilt I bought in Frankenmuth, printed out a map from World of Warcraft, and added interesting shapes to the background to bring certain elements together.

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  1. Love it. And isn't that the point of any scrapbook or journal? To bring back the memories. Perfect! Enjoy and thanks for linking back to my blog... and for visiting and commenting. See you soon!