Saturday, March 27, 2010

Junk Journal (cont.)

So, a few days ago, I posted about finding instructions on YouTube through Enjoy The Ride's post on how to make a Junk Journal. Well, after spending several days collecting the materials for it (although I could not find good ribbon or stamp pads anywhere without driving to a craft store), I finally put it together. On the right, you can see the materials I gathered together before starting. Unfortunately, since I couldn't get to a craft store, I didn't have any extra scrapbooking paper to spare, nor did I have ink pads. And I was forced to make do with gold, silver and black gift wrapping ribbon. Which actually doesn't look too bad.

So I sat down and put it together all in one afternoon. I think the whole process ended up taking me about an hour. I did end up crinkling all of the pages and have ordered several colors of stamp pads via the internet for future inking of the pages. I also cut the A-Z dividers into smaller sizes, for easy gluing.

Unfortunately, the YouTube video recommends putting a divider every 8-10 pages, which I thought to mean actual sheets of paper instead of 8-10 sides of a page. So the A, B, and C all have 8 sheets of paper in between, and I had to put X, Y and Z all on the same page because I ran out of room. Most of the other letters have about 2-4 sheets associated with each one.

I also found some pretty cool paper clips at Staples, which I randomly clipped to pages for future use. I'm trying to figure out, if I want to change out the ribbons at some future time, when I can get nice cloth ones, or if I like the way it looks right now. All in all, I'm rather satisfied with how it turned out. I glued my Alice in Wonderland movie stubs in already.

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