Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday

The needle has been moved, literally and figuratively.

First, and I'm pretty proud of this, I finished cutting all the pieces for my Japanese X and Plus blocks. I had to cut about 162 red squares and about 30 of the dark plus fabrics. The picture below is just half of them.

I also started on another Modified Bento Box block. I'm liking it so far. Those blue butterflies I bought this weekend at one of the pop up shops at the Anacostia Arts Center. I also bought the rest of the Catnap line. I just couldn't resist, it's so freaking cute.

I went out to lunch today with the Communications crew on my company's dime (best way to do lunch, imho). They had this great tile floor in the foyer, and one of the tiles in particular I'm tempted to turn into a quilt block. *runs off to boot up EQ7*

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  1. Which tile? I love messing around with EQ too...

    1. The grey and red one in the bottom row.