Friday, March 28, 2014

To Do List

So after finishing the Weekend Star Quilt on Sunday night, I was exhausted. So I actually haven't stepped more than two feet inside my craft room and then only to drop off some stuff and to dig through my pre-cuts for figure out where I might have misplaced my Charm Pack of Honey Honey, which I'm 99% certain I bought. Didn't find it, so ended up buying another pack, plus a charm pack of Solstice (like you do).

Then I also spent quite a bit of time on EQ7, mapping out how much backing fabric I'd need for my Verna Belle Waves quilt and ordered that plus binding. I actually found enough Verna fabric to do a backing and binding in the same line, woot! Then I designed the Kate Spain Christmas Quilt I want to make with charm packs of Joy, 12 Days, Flurry, and Solstice and ordered a yard from each line plus binding fabric from either Joy or Flurry (I forget), I have to wait for the Solstice one until they have yardage in stock.

Finally I bought several FQ and half yards for the backing of the quilt I'm making from Charm Packs of Terrain, Daydreams, Honey Honey, Cuzco, Good Fortune, and Serenade. I think I'm going to go with a very simple 5" square layout for that one. Between all six charm packs I have around 240 unique squares to play with, a little bit more with the five squares of Verna I'm thinking of throwing in as well, and even more if I decide to add in the charm pack of Sunshine. I'm going to be doing 10" squares on the back from the FQ and 1/2 yards I bought, so it will be my first seriously pieced backing.

The only things I haven't figured out or bought backing/binding fabric for is the Layer Cake of Sunshine and the FQ bundles of Central Park and Fandango. But enough about my grand Kate Spain dreams.

Here is my to do list for this weekend:
1) Make 12 Bitty Blocks with a winter theme (I've already decided on mittens, just need to execute)
2) Buy a zipper, and get the parts ready for my zippered pouch class during next weekend's quilting retreat
3) Figure out and put together my progressive quilt block. My theme is triangles and I'm stuck.
4) Start cutting fabric for the commission I'm supposed to have done by June (ahhhh, where did the time go?) I was really hoping to either take it to the retreat so I would have some floor space to baste it when it's done, or have it ready in time for the next library sewing day for the guild. So we'll see what happens, but I doubt that with everything else, I'll have the top and back done by Thursday.

So there you go. Then next week I have to pack myself and my husband, drop the dog with friends, and just generally get ready for a long weekend away. Luckily I made the smart decision to take Monday off as well, so I'll have a day to come back and decompress and do laundry when it's over.

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