Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snowed In Finish

Final Stats
Name: Snowed In
Dimensions: 68x85 Inches
Pieces: Front - 400
Pattern: Alternating bordered squares
Technique: Patchwork
Materials: 100% Quilting Cottons
Quilting: Machine quilting done on my little Euro-Pro
This started with a layer cake of In From the Cold by Kate Spain for Moda. I loved the whole line, which is rare for me, so I decided to go for it. I should have gotten a second layer cake in Kona Snow, which is what I used for the background and done a hack and slash, but instead I cut it from yardage.
I left 2 squares out of the layer cake to get an even 40.
From each square, I cut the following:
1 5x5" square
2 2.5x5" strips
2 2.5x10" strips
From the Kona Snow I cut the following:
40 5x5" squares
80 2.5x5" strips (I actually cut these 3x5")
80 2.5x9" strips (I cut these 3x9.5" to have room to cut them down)
The pattern for the blocks is self-explanatory. Once made, I trimmed them down to 9" square, using the 6 3/4" marks on my 12.5" ruler in the corner of the center square to make sure all sides were even.
The backing is from one large piece of the red on white snowflake fabric from the line and some Kona Snow. Quilting is straight line about 1/2" from both sides of the center square. The trim is also from the line. I love striped binding.
And best of all, I got to keep it.

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