Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Farmer's Wife and Michigan Quilt

Got home from work and was exhausted. But I thought I'd put in a solid hour or two of sewing. Instead I put in four. I got the third column of the Michigan quilt done. This was fairly easy to accomplish since the bottom 4 blocks are solid background and were already cut. But the other four required choosing and cutting of fabric and then sewing.

The purple has more contrast, but my flash didn't quite reach there and it gets fairly dark on my craft room floor at night. Good thing I have task lighting over my cutting table otherwise I'd never get anything done. I'm quite happy about the fussy cut artichoke that I pulled out of my scrap bin since my hubby is a chef.

I also printed out templates for the Farmer's Wife quilt and then ended up just measuring out the pieces with my ruler for the first block.

Here is the completed Block #4

Theoretically I should have put the darkest brown in the middle, but it's fine like this too.

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