Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May Progress (Cont.)

I finished several bee blocks this weekend. First were the blocks for the Nubees bee. This is a month long bee with only four people to a hive. I chose this block design.
 Block for Brandy, who asked for low volume with a pop of color. I have never made anything with low volume, and that pop of red really makes a statement. Conclusion: I need to work in neutrals more often.
 Block for Lisa, who asked for coral, grey, and teal.
 Block for Sara, who wanted coral, navy, and teal.
 My test block with my own colors of red, gold, and black. I really like how it turned out.
 This was for Jo, as part of side swap. She wanted red, green, and aqua.

I also completed my blocks for the May HOPE do.good Stitches bee. We used this tutorial. The quilter asked for mustard, grey, and aqua. I'm so sick and tired of trying to figure out aqua, and luckily have a ton of mustard and grey, that I stuck with those. These blocks went together ridiculously fast, and I'm thinking that I might need to do a whole quilt of these. They're SOOOO easy and look great!

I put together the May block for Color Bee Shocked, which is blogged here.

Finally, I moved the needle a little bit on my Japanese X and Plus blocks. I added red corners to one set of X's and finished up two other sets that I had sewn the corners to already.
I love that dress print! It really adds a nice splash of color. I also cut a few grey squares.

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