Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May Progress

I wish I had more to report. The end of April and most of May have been slow in terms of progress.

I did finish my April blocks for HOPE do.good Stitches.
Tutorial for Converging Corners blocks can be found here. We were asked to make blocks using orange, green, blue, and brown with a grey background and a fussy cut center. I think my favorite part was fussy cutting the centers, unfortunately the rest wasn't as fun.

And I started on my April bitties. Luckily, the Bitty Bee Committee is taking a summer hiatus, which makes me feel a bit less bad about taking so long to make my blocks.

I have been doing a bit of work on my Japanese X and Plus blocks. Cutting red squares, and starting to sew them onto the X portions. Here are just a few pictures of my progress. I have also started cutting my darker text prints for the center Plus and some grey prints for the outer squares. Not sure yet if I'll stick with all grey prints or if I'll mix it up.
But mainly I've been cutting a lot of fabric. Since I've already ruined the surprise, I'm working on making a Plus quilt for my brother and future SIL for their wedding.
This picture is woefully out of date. I have since cut all of the fabrics shown above, and cut a ton more. I really need to take a new picture, the stack has grown to epic proportions and I'm not even close to done cutting. I'm going to cut all of the grey, yellow, and coral fabrics I have and see where I end up size wise. I'm shooting for a King, but my future SIL said she doesn't care what size it ends up at, so I told her I'd just cut the fabric I have and see where that gets me.

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