Friday, October 19, 2012

So much thread!

I bought two spools of Coats & Clarks, 100% mercerized cotton, All-Purpose thread in Parakeet for the secret project I'm working on when I bought the rest of the fabric and notions. But the project is all paper piecing and I've been going through ridiculous amounts of thread. So I went back to Joann's last weekend to get more. They had one spool left. That wouldn't even get me to quilting.

So I did something I've never done before for thread... I shopped online. I was kind of apprehensive, because the pictures that most vendors were showing was a very close up of the thread, which made it seem huge. But all of the information on the page was correct. So I decided to order 10 spools, which will hopefully see me through the rest of paper piecing and also through the quilting. First task, use up at least one spool making bobbins. I hate having to stop in the midst of paper piecing to roll up a new bobbin and I recently acquired a whole box full of new bobbins that are just waiting to be filled with this intensely blue thread. The minute I received the thread shipment the other day, I just had to sit down an piece another block. Only two blocks this week so far, hopefully I can get a few more done this weekend.

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    I've only used C&C thread once and liked it.

    I love Connecting Threads' thread for piecing; I don't use in quilting, and it's a little linty (but not nearly as linty as others I've used) and I've had no problems with breakage, etc. and the spools last forever!

    Happy piecing!