Monday, October 15, 2012

Make-A-List Monday

I've decided to try my hand at linking to someone's weekly posts. In this case, Make-A-List Monday.

My goals for this week are as follow:
1) Make several more blocks for my secret quilt project. As a teaser, fabrics are shown below. So bright and happy. And so much turquoise batik, it feels like I'm drowning in blue. Also my first time using flannel for the backing. :)
2) Get R2D2 drawn onto fusible backing and get started on the applique portion of my Star Wars baby quilt. Picture of the completed background below. I also finally bought green thread to satin stitch the edges between the background pieces once R2 is in place.

2) Add at least one border to my Add-A-Border Blocks. My plans include a red and white check with little embroidered or appliqued ants for the first, a heart border for the second (the block is called Our Love), and for the third, a border on two sides of snow covered trees.
I think I'll keep it realistic, might not even get more than #1 done this week. Oh well.

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