Friday, August 6, 2010

Contents of my purse

The contents of my purse.

The Perfect Pear posted a fun entry about the contents of her purse. Well, if you've ever wondered what's in someone's purse, wonder no more. Here is the content of mine:

The book I'm currently reading: The Scarlet Contessa
Two PenPal Project letters that I wrote answers to and sent off the other day.
My collapsible umbrella (and was I ever glad I had that in the downpour yesterday).
My cell phone, keys, and wallet.
Several pens and a tube of lip gloss.
Stamps I grabbed at the post office yesterday so I could send off those PenPal letters.
My work badge and keys.
My SmarTrip card for the Washington, DC metro system.
The little green thing, is my moleskin idea book that's always in my purse.
Then there is my nook cable (usually my nook would be in my purse instead of a book)
A business card for a traveling cupcake van, that parks in various places around the city.

There you go, not terribly interesting. Although I have to admit, I may have gotten rid of some crumpled receipts before laying everything out. I cheat, what can I say.


  1. Oh thats great. Now I am no Longer curious! ahah, thanks so much for voting on my picture. You rock! :)

  2. FUN!!! I love that one of my letters was in your purse! :) I have another one going out in the mail for you today! Same stationery, I need to buy a new pack! :)
    Have a wonderful day!