Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fabric, Fabric Everywhere

'Tis the season... to be shopping.

I got started quilting just under a year ago and at first I would only buy what I needed for the particular project, but I am slowly building up my stash.

My first serious stash building came about because I needed unwashed fabric for my 3x6 Bee. I usually pre-wash everything the second it comes through the front door, so that was a problem. It also wasn't high quality quilting fabric, so that was another problem.

In the process, I got a chance to go back to Tomorrow's Treasures, my new favorite LQS.

Here is what I walked away with, partially for the blocks I was making and partially because I just loved the fabrics and couldn't not buy them.

The fabric I didn't use for the bee blocks is still sitting unwashed in my closet for my next bee. I also decided to stop washing my fabrics until after I had decided on what I wanted to use for a particular project so that I could use my stash for future bees.

Then came my first give-away win. Which I had previously blogged about here.

I also found a great sale at Pink Castle Fabrics, where I got the following:

I am totally in love with text prints and I love 1001 Nights, so I was in heaven all around. I have also decided that I need to start a collection of house/building fabrics as well as a text fabric collection and use both for quilts for myself. My goal for next year is to be selfish and make at least one quilt for myself (and not the cheating way of participating in bees).

Next came Christmas shopping and in the process of getting presents for a friend, I stumbled across these on sale:

I just couldn't resist. More text fabric, and I love the Mama Said Sew line. I've never tried using a charm pack before, so I decided to go for it. We'll see what happens with it. The text fabrics in the line may just get hoarded for my text quilt.

I also just ordered several half yards of fabric from LiMa Sews on Etsy. Three of the new Saltwater by Tula Pink line and three other random ones. I will post pictures once they arrive.

Thanks to a friend, I stumbled onto a nice deal for a full FQ stack of Nightshade by Tula Pink at the Fat Quarter Shop which has been on my wishlist from the second I first saw it on someone's blog. I had to get it!

Equally exciting is that the December Stash Stack Club bundle from Pink Castle Fabrics just shipped. December is brown, and I don't think I have a single bit of decent brown fabric in my stash yet. I took a look at the fabrics that are being shipped and I'm really happy that I decided to sign up. I like some more than others, but it's a great way to fill in some colors that I'm sorely lacking. They have several options for joining, and I went with the 12 FQ a month option. These are the fabrics that are winging their way to me right now:

1. Pearl Bracelet in Brown - Guising by Lizzy House (Andover)
2. Tiny Diamonds in Brown - Town and Country (Dear Stella)
3. Squiggles in Brown - Indochine (Dear Stella)
4. Dot in Brown - Fly A Kite by October Afternoon (Riley Blake)
5. Bike Path in Brown - Lucky Penny by Alison Glass (Andover)
6. Jewels in Shadow - Guising by Lizzy House (Andover)
7. Damask in Brown - Fly A Kite by October Afternoon (Riley Blake)
8. Loft in Brown - In My Room by Jenean Morrison (Free Spirit)
9. Line Work Stripe in Brown - Bukhara (Dear Stella)
10. Nap Sack in Timber - Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry (Free Spirit)
11. Nook in Tan - In My Room by Jenean Morrison (Free Spirit)
12. Spot on Tiny Dot in Khaki (Robert Kaufman)

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