Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wedding Pomander Balls

I finally bought the supplies I needed for the pomander balls I wanted to make for the ceremony. *Disclaimer: this is not my original idea. I found the original idea here.

Styrofoam Ball

Wire Cutters
Hot Glue Gun
Paper Punch

1) Cut 2 inch piece of wire and twist it to there is a loop at the top. Stick the wire into the styrofoam ball and glue it down with a drop of hot glue.
2) Glue one long piece of ribbon around the hemisphere of the ball starting and ending at the wire.
3) Repeat this process until the whole ball is covered in ribbon. I found it easier to do two long pieces at right angles and then fill in the space in between with smaller pieces of ribbon.
4) Once the ball is covered in ribbon, cut a longer piece of ribbon to the desired length, and thread the ribbon through the wire loop at the top.
5) Punch out flower patterns out of the paper, fold the petals up, and place them on the ball with the pins. (I used pearl-headed corsage pins and a mixture of punched flowers and ready-made paper flowers from a jar obtained at the craft store).
6) Cover the ball in as many or as few flowers as you would like. The benefits of covering it in ribbon first is that you don't need to get a dense coverage.

In the last picture you can see my finished ones hanging, as well as the one and a half I haven't completed yet, because I ran out of pins. Putting the flowers on is the fun part though and I'm already done with the tedious parts (punching out the flowers and putting the ribbon on).

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