Thursday, September 8, 2016

Unf***ing my Life

Summer hiatus is just about over. I've been doing my best to turn over a new leaf as far as decluttering and cleaning is concerned. I've been reading What's a Disorganized Person to Do? by Stacey Platt. I've also been doing better about using my Quilt Planner and various other tools to keep on track with things. Next up, keeping a list of blog posts I owe you guys. By the way, I have Block 20 for the QAL all ready to go, I just need to write it up for Friday. So check back around noon EST on Friday for that.

As back story, I used to have my very own craft room (when we didn't have guests, which was most of the time). So this is what it used to look like:

Then we were lucky enough to have our kiddo and the guest bed moved to the basement and the nursery furniture moved in. It all fit, but more and more, I got pushed out to work in the dining room, because I couldn't work while he was napping or in bed for the night otherwise. So I had stacks of fabric everywhere in the dining/living room. This is the only picture I had from post rearranging the nursery. My sewing table, cutting table and shelf are along the other wall, but you can still see my design wall where the table used to be.

I got tired of it, so I thought about what I could do. And I decided that our bedroom had enough space for me to move my stuff in there, provided I could get the shelf currently in the bedroom into my closet. I did some measuring and determined that it should fit. It did, but barely. I moved almost all of my books from the midget's room into the shelf in the closet. I also took the opportunity to remove all the clothing on the shelves in my closet and go through them. I got rid of two laundry baskets' worth of clothing, which I will be donating. I also went through my hanging clothing and some of my baskets.

I took a trip to IKEA with my dad, returned my old cutting table top, because it was just too small to fit my entire large cutting mat, and that just wasn't going to work. And I wanted a skinny sewing table for hubby's side of the room. We had a bit of an argument about that, because he hates change. But now that it's done, and I've been moving more and more stuff out of the living room where he and the midget spend most of their time, he's starting to come around.

I found a great little bamboo table at IKEA with three narrow drawers underneath for my sewing machine.

I also moved the shelf and cutting table out of the nursery and into our room. I knew that it would all fit in theory, but actually seeing it all in there made me happy. My path to the bed is a bit narrow with the ironing board fairly close to the cutting table, but it's workable. Here is the final product. I have my design walls leaning up against the shelving unit right now, but will store it next to the sewing machine when not in use.

So here is what I've been working on in my new space:

The queen sized version of Block 20, which is coming on Friday (barring the unforeseen) and this beauty:

The beginnings of a miniature version of Diabolical Jane in orange and blue. I've got all my orange cut already, now I just need to cut tons and tons of blue strips.

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