Saturday, May 21, 2011

To Do List

Only the bottom boxes have stuff in them so far.
Closing Date: 5/31/11

To Do List before then: seemingly endless!

Eric putting together boxes
For a small sample:
1) pack up four floor-to-ceiling bookshelves worth of books [most double rowed] as well as the rest of the stuff in our 1-bedroom apartment
2) turn off water and internet
3) turn on trash, recycling, water, electricity, gas, and internet at the new place
4) cancel renter's insurance [we're getting some money back from that, so that's a plus]
5) make a list of stuff we want the in-laws to bring from Michigan
6) figure out how the apartment complex handles last month's rent [I know they pro-rate if it's not a full month, but I don't know if they want the full amount up front and then reimburse us for the difference or if they just want a check for the pro-rated amount]
Sir decided to help by boxing himself up.
 7) change address at 2 banks and on numerous other things like our phone bill and car insurance, and forward our mail from the apartment
8) measure the rooms and pick out paint colors
9) start planning a house warming party
10) start making plans for the garden
11) figure out a list of needs and wants for the new house and prioritize [we're going to be fairly poor after the closing costs come out of our accounts]

Modest progress

My goal is to keep a pretty acurate picture log of before and after shots of our house.

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